About Ansa Group

Personal Transformation, Leadership, Talent
Ansa Group is a global San Francisco-based Leadership Development firm founded by Michael Ansa, an industry practitioner and ‘participant’ in the art of human change and organizational talent effectiveness. The work of the consultants on our team is based on the principles of ‘deliberate practice’ and focused on sustainable and responsible talent stewardship and development. Our work spans the domains of personal and organizational transformation, to leadership capacity-building through coaching development and talent design.

Ansa Group holds to three core beliefs about leaders and organizations:

  • The leadership and foundership of the organizations sets the tone for the culture and “emotional” (and strategic) destiny of the organization. For change to happen, the leader(s) must both will and commit to intentional and planned paradigm shifts
  • Change cannot happen personally or organizationally in sustainable and systemic (The Whole©) ways, if motivated by fear
  • People and organizations must incorporate four key questions as they define current and desired future states:
    • Who am I and who are others?
    • What is my explicit strategic purpose?
    • What is the necessary (inner) Move© to enable it?
    • What authentic actions and practice support it?

The questions form a circular assessment tool that helps individuals and organizations reassess identity and self / organizational patterns and paradigms that need to be re-examined, reframed and challenged. Often, we find that the answers will involve some kind of identity / strategy revision. Ansa Group actively guides leaders through this assessment and helps develop a change and execution strategy. We use this process in our coaching intervention, change consulting and our executive development work.

Move©: A leadership move is an integrated, intentional and incisive action which is physically observable but involves a paradigm / internal shift

The Whole©: Implies that all change work (individual and organizational) involves systemic “moves” that parallel disciplined internal work that is both “horizontal” and “vertical”

For more on this methodology, please contact us at info@theansagroup.com.